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Science at the Crossroads

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Einstein's Nature The Einstein Lorentz Science Dingle Royal Society Earth Crossroads Lorentz's This Maxwell's Relativity Dingle's Maxwell-Lorentz Newton's
But Listener Society Minkowski III President McCrea English Maxwell Born There Press Council Minkowski's Let Appendix Sun Chapter
Physics Synge Ritz What Introduction Galilean Now Newtonian Ritz's Part Two Sir Lawrence Bragg Fellows McCrea's Methuen FitzGerald Press Crea
Newton August July Herbert Dingle October Synge's Michelson-Morley Ann For Galileo Paul Eddington How Dale's However Lord Blackett Camb
Why Although Poincaré September Max Born American Prof April Michelson Morley That All Philosophy A Threefold Cord January Sir Lawrence Professor Max Born
June Editor These Viscount Samuel The Times Peter One After Professor McCrea Fellow Nevertheless When Space The Principle Special Theory Professor Since
Moon According Life Cambridge Dale Part One Oxford You Nature's New Scientist Ziman As I Lorentz' Blackett Sir Lawrence's Whittaker May
Here Time History Gravitation Doppler O'x' Proc Attitude University College London British Many FitzGerald's Earth's From Suppose And London
First The Special Theory Council Dame Kathleen Lonsdale Sir Henry Dale Born's Assumption Kathleen Lonsdale Such Professor Coulson Sir Sir Richard Gregory The Evolution Lord Soper Bondi German Whitehead
Hertz Faraday's Indeed Relativity Theory Lilliputians Sitter's Alväger Nilsson Kjellman Fox Fox's Venus Crea's The Theory Unwin Reference Foreword
Crossroad Conclusion Royal Astronomical Society Larmor Hence Professor W December Rutherford's Science Progress Physical Society Professor Born's Professor Bondi The Question Professor J Sir Robert Robinson Mathematics Maddox
Some Discovery Two Professor Dingle Definitions British Association Address They Imperial College February Aberfan Sir Lawrence Bragg's Professor A Tolman Clarendon Press America Wells
Consider Euclidean Take Hoyle Phil Eddington's X-clocks Sir Oliver Lodge Lodge's The Ether Gulliver Duration Simultaneity Sitter Article Event E Myth
Physical Theory Amer Included ISBN Copyright Mrs Note Original Acknowledgements Preface PART ONE The Moral Issue The Basic Principles The Origin Controversy Reactions Criticism
Elder Statesmen' PART TWO The Intellectual Issue Four Outstanding Errors Einstein's Theory Original Context Non-Einsteinian Relativity Clock Twin Paradox' The Present Position Don't Bring Ether The Case Against Special Relativity Correct The Case Against Editor's Afterword
Back Cover Cartesian Something Consequently Velocity Unless Alberto Palazzi Professor Emeritus University Martin Brian Human Experience Sir Norman Lockyer Professor Lyttleton Theology God Nothing Britain
Middle Ages Aristotelian Clearly Within Another Earthbound Institute British Journal March With Germany Mr L Chief Scientific Adviser Ministry Defence May I Sir Julian Huxley
Professor C Sir Robert Lonsdale Sir Julian More Fellowship Before Sir Henry Dale's Thank Realities' Professor Dingle's Naturally November What I General Secretary Head Director
Professor P Lord Professor Blackett Officers X-rays Living Philosophers BBC Sir William Bragg Bishop Ziman's Essay Examples Lewis Carroll's Red Knight White Queen Dodgson Adams
Leverrier Faraday Thoughts Ray Vibrations' Zeit' The Mathematical Theory Transformation Times System Not Part' Infeld Cheshire Copernican The Metaphysical Tendencies Jeans Report
Arcturus Hertz's Continent Gregory Supplement Achilles Bergson Lorentzian Naturwissenschaften Reference System Don't Mercury Zeno's Thus About Being Diderot
Euler's Professor Hoyle Louis Essen Bergson's British Society Palazzi Williams Norgate Allen Others Alien A Dynamical Theory Electromagnetic Field Macmillan See The Meaning Harper
Theories Aether Electricity Dernières Pensées Jubilee Berne Albert Einstein Mon The Observatory A Rational Scrutiny Clock Paradox Einstein's Relativity First Edition Dingle-Strachan Internet Nessuna Diritto
Autore L'acquirente Per Contents Astrophysicist Philosopher Over Galvani's Voltaic Marconi's Albert Abraham Michelson Edward Morley George Francis FitzGerald Hendrik Lorentz Henri Poincaré Joseph Larmor But Larmor
The Lorentz Mars Jupiter Taking LEDs Any Length Then Beginning Herbert Dingle's Footnotes HERBERT DINGLE History And Philosophy O'Keeffe O'Keeffe Ltd Museum Street London WC1 Printed
Great Britain Western Printing Services Ltd Bristol Modern Astrophysics Through Science Mechanical Physics Sub-Atomic Physics Literary Criticism Practical Applications Spectrum Analysis The Scientific Adventure The Sources Eddington's Philosophy Work Part Author A Century Mr Frank W Mr Ian Kiek
Editors Mr Bernard Levin Professor R St John's College Bernard Levin Henri Vardon Taylor Hagen Dr Dingle's Bernard Paul's Ray Regarding Lyttleton Irish Vardons
Hagens Lyttleton's Christianity Charles I Hooke Schoolmen Rules Reasoning Philosophy' Hitler Laplace Care We' Every Moses Pentateuch Professor Max Born'
Edinburgh Professor Cochran Sir George Thomson's The Foreseeable Future Bulletin Philosophical Magazine Applying Common Sense' Myth' The Argument' The Question' THE ARGUMENT Since I The Argument THE QUESTION Thence' Applied
Failing Scientific Integrity' Yet Gallic Letters Scientific Integrity Dame Letter Nature' Professors Coulson Thomas Henry Huxley Huxley Apart Professor G Much Nowhere Concerning
SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY The Royal Society Lockyer's Spirit Service Press Council I CONFIDENTIAL Confidential' Assistant Secretary Secretary Jul Council's Complaints Committee Your Council's General Purposes Committee Council's To Fellows Dear Fellow
Challenge' Yours Dear Hele Don't Bring Back Ether' Messrs Academy Presidents Academy' Slight Dublin Institute Advanced Studies Now I Americans X's New Scientist's
Several United States Rate' Professor Synge Royal Society Fellows Infeld's Presidential Address Sections X Some Pathologies Scientific Life' Again I March Lord Soper Rev Foreign Bible Society Cavendish Laboratory Royal Institution Lord Rutherford
Physics Department Max Bern's Sir Bernard Lovell But I Lawrence Bragg His Lawrence's Therefore I Schrodinger Bridgman Thermodynamics Cosmology Dingle's Formulae' The Library Englishmen Granada Encyclopaedia Britannica
Bath Taunton Sir James Jeans Bishops Sir William's Special Ptolemaic Will If I Sir Charles Darwin National Physical Laboratory Brown Reader The Establishment' Faust-like Harvey's Galen
Before I Euclid Pythagoras Professor E Milne Fred Hoyle Neptune Galle's Ampere Ampere's Lord Kelvin Other Later Professor Faraday Had Einstein Bears Kant
Everything Events Professor Milne Manchester Galaxy In Einstein's Theory Co-ordinates Stationary System Uniform Motion Translation Relatively Former' Roger Bannister's Aristotle Descartes Various Which
Hebrews Jahweh Canis Majoris Sirius Dog Star Jahweh's Liverpool Electric Atoms Mathematically Moreover Electromagnetic Phenomena Light' Cambridge' Breslau Professor Louis T Cincinnati
Ohio Professor Andrade The Hibbert Journal Modern Physics' Sir Joseph Larmor Sir Joseph Thomson Switzerland France England Reduced Bacon Mainly Henceforth Philipp Frank Ricci Levi-Civita Fowler
International Astronomical Union Fowler's Electron Theory Relativity' Relativity Number Early California Epstein Rutherford Sir Richard Gregory I Public Mind' Browning For I Darkness Modern Aristotelianism' Unfortunately Dean Swift
Durée Simultanéité Professor L Professor H In Professor Dingle's Bondi's Neither Bondi Proceedings Let A Furthermore Møller Biem Even Calculation Autobiographical Notes' Einstein Lenard Church
Descartes's Each Has Pure Mathematics Euclid's Elements Geometry Whittaker's Aristarchus Copernicus Sences Lawrence Lockyer Rowland Maxwellian Tamer Margaret Fuller
By Gad We'd Little Sectional President Advancement Supposing Dale's Fox I Editorial Professor Herbert Dingle Popper FIVE Here B Here H Here A Equations Both Boyle's
Until The Relativity Theory Scheusal-Theorie' Electromagnetic Again Allied Second Third Manifestly Event In Dingle's Just While Dingle's While PROFESSOR Mc Crea's Because What Einstein
Eulerian Right Great War If Dingle Quirino Majorana Henry Bergson Langevin Instead Given Describing Wenden Gleichungen Pais's Especially Jesuits Pascal's Provincial
Natural Philosophy The Philosophy Alberto Guide Beginners Perplexed Experimental Scientists In Italian Hendrik Electrons Teubners Leipzig An Autumn Flowering Pergamon Press An Autumn Gleaning Physics Today Realities
The Listener Bull Brit References Daily Herald Radio Relativité Généralisée Gravitation Gauthier-Villars A History Turning Points North Holland Publishing Co The Advancement See Introduction Blackwell World-Structure Home University Library
Observer Quoted Silvanus P William Thomson Baron Kelvin Largs Electric Waves Personal Knowledge Routledge Kegan Paul Vistas Astronomy Acad Vol Chap Astrophys Flammarion
Birkhäuser Verlag Basel Modern Physics Hibbert Journal His Life Jonathan Cape A Einstein The Concept Fleetway Press Bobbs-Merrill Co Birkhauser Verlag Basel Phys A69 Philosopher-Scientist Library From Euclid Univ Amsterdam Acad
Sic Nelson See Preface Gesammelte Werke Astron Cognitive Dissonance Festinger Free Will Chapter II Pais Abraham Subtle The Science Oxford University Press